Sex After Childbirth

Some husbands wonder why their wives’ sexual appetite dwindles after childbirth and what they can do to help her increase libido (see Penile Plus for more information).

Keep in mind that after childbirth, a woman’s body and emotions go through diverse changes. She is focusing mainly on the baby’s needs and the early stages of motherhood are exhausting.

In addition, her body is not the same and she might experience some insecurities about this. Here is additional information on sex after childbirth.

After childbirth, a woman might experience vaginal dryness. This is due to hormonal changes that occur after giving birth. You can purchase a lubrication gel to reduce the dryness.

Another factor in the decrease in libido after childbirth is fatigue. This is why you should be patient with your wife if she is too tired for sexual intimacy at times. You can help by assisting her with the housework and childcare duties.

Be sure to tell her that you still think she is attractive inside and out. Cuddle with her, kiss her passionately and hold her hands when going out. Avoid disrespectful language regarding her body changes, and give her the time she needs to regain her confidence. With your support, she’ll feel sexy once again.

Sex After Childbirth

Don’t think that you need to get it on mainly at bedtime. In fact, this could be unrealistic for new parents especially. The late night feedings, tiredness and other discomforts don’t make for great intercourse. Utilize the baby’s naptimes or visits from relatives as secret bonding rituals together. This is healthy for your relationship and it ensures that it isn’t hijacked by parenthood.

There is also a chance that your breasts could leak with milk during sex. This is because it releases a hormone called oxytocin, and this causes a good arousal. Don’t be embarrassed if this happens with your wife. Just have a good laugh and enjoy your session.

Postpartum depression also plays a role in decreased libido after childbirth. Some postpartum moms fear that they won’t be good moms, and the constant attention they give to their babies overwhelm them. If your wife is in this situation, focus less on rebuilding your sex life and more on getting help for the depression. Once this is solved, then the intimacy will return.

Not all intimacy needs to be sexual. As your wife recovers from the effects of childbirth, have meaningful conversations with her. Develop new hobbies together and be her best friend. Emotional intimacy is just as important as physical intimacy.

If it’s been a few months and the sexual intimacy is still in the dumps, then it might be time to visit a sex therapist or marriage counselor. The counselor can get to the root of the problem and suggest feasible solutions. You can also read books about restoring sexual intimacy after childbirth.

In conclusion, sex after childbirth might not feel the same as before initially. Give your wife grace and show meaningful affection daily. As you do this, your wife will get her desire back and things will get back to normal.