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It is important that kids have a loving family structure from birth so that by the time they enter school, they can be confident in themselves. Parents can start by always reminding their kids of how much they love them. This affirmation goes a long way in shaping their self-worth. Here are other ways of building a strong foundation for your kids in the home.

Kids need boundaries and the ability to practice self-control in certain situations. When they attend school, teachers expect certain behaviors from their students. And as your kids become adults, there will be rules that they need to follow. For this reason, parents should discipline and teach proper behavior to kids regularly. Discipline also shows that you care for them.

You also want to nurture and spend quality time with your kids. Even if you are doing chores together, it can be a sweet bonding time. If you’re cooking with them, discuss any long-term goals they might have and how you can help them reach those goals. Also do fun activities such as swimming, shopping, playing at the park, or the movies. This creates lifelong memories for your kids.

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You want to teach your kids self-sufficiency and independent living skills. Give them age-appropriate chores and demonstrate how to do them. When they encounter a problem, don’t rush to solve it for them immediately. Give the kids time to use their minds to find the solutions themselves.

Take time to answer the tough questions that your kids have about life and the world around them. If they are experiencing changes in their bodies and emotions due to puberty, dedicate a weekend to discuss those changes in detail. Talk about what your values are and why they matter to you. Allow your kids to disagree but in a respectful manner. This helps them learn how to have deep and meaningful conversations with others as they get older.

Reinforce any good behavior you notice in your kids. If your daughter is cleaning her bedroom properly without you having to ask, let her know that you appreciate it. It encourages her to keep up the good work. Kids like to be noticed for the times when they do the right things.

Be the example that you want your kids to follow. Let them see you practice self-control with your phone by not being glued to it during mealtimes or always checking it during your activities with the kids. Show them how to handle adversity by exhibiting a grateful and optimistic attitude. Remember that kids often imitate their parents.

Nurture your kids’ talents and gifts. If your son has a bent towards art, buy him art supplies and enroll him in local art classes. Bring him to art shows so he can get inspired to pursue his art career. If your daughter enjoys making videos, help her start a Youtube channel and promote it to extended family and your friends. Parental encouragement goes a long way.

In conclusion, when you use these strategies, your child will feel loved and cared for throughout his life. You also set him up for long term success in school and the workforce.